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My Grandpa used to be a trucker hauling grain all over the Midwest in an old Volvo Sleeper Cab that was more or less held together with duck tape and JB Weld. Me and my cousins practically grew up in that red truck. He had to sell for a newer one when he started taking it easy as he got older. We were all sad about it and I still miss that truck.

Nice Idea, But…. IIRC, at the time period of this story, one had to be at least 21 to drive Interstate. BTW, Know from experience… 40 years on the road, 48 states, 2 prov of Canada…7.25 million miles. Got RIFed out of my last job about 8 years ago, found out no one was hiring 65 year old drivers, and then the doctors got a hold of me. Ended up losing my CDL and having a quad bypass,,[acronym=s CABG] That put paid to that idea. Do I miss it? Hell Yes, but I do not need what has happened to the industry these days. No Fun Any More!!!! To Quote the Stones…”It’s no fun getting OLD…” Unless you are them…LOL . THE COLONEL…My “Handle” also Battleaxe

They are risking a lot indeed! It’s the reason because they will be seen initially driving mainly on secondary roads 🙂

But their fear for the draft and the will to explore, makes them get almost over it! 😀

Dang that was bad :/ sorry bout that!

BTW, started OTR in ’72, in those days you had to be 25 to even look for a job, Insurance companies… THE COLONEL

I neither remember (from what I’ve read) if the 21 old thing was aftwr the 1992 law or not, nor if the 25 insurance thing was law or just a preference but… Yeah, I have forced the thing a little to make the protagonist young enough to be genuinely naive and unexpert 🙂
It’s one of the very few cases in which I relied on suspension of disbelief 🙂

Hope you will like it the same 😀

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